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Osteal Therapeutics'® lead therapeutic candidate, VT-X7, is drug-device combination that delivers high concentrations of vancomycin and tobramycin, well-established antibiotic drugs, directly to the infected joint space.  When used as part of a two-stage exchange arthroplasty procedure, VT-X7 has the potential to significantly lower treatment time and improve success rates.

VT-X7 is not approved by the FDA.

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Expected Advantages of VT-X7

  • Antibiotic concentrations at the infection site sufficient to penetrate biofilm

  • Effective against gram-negative and gram-positive organisms

  • Low antibiotic serum concentrations

  • Infection is treated and patient receives new revision prothesis in 7 days

  • Durable results: >90% of patients are infection free at 1 year post treatment

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How VT-X7

After removing the infected joint prosthesis, bone and soft tissue, the surgeon places a VT-X7 spacer and fluid management dressing, connecting them to an irrigation pump.


Place VT-X7 spacer

VT-X7 antibiotics.png


Over the course of one week in the hospital, more than 150 cycles of VT-X7 antibiotics are administered to the joint space through the VT-X7 spacer, allowed to penetrate and then withdrawn prior to initiation of the next cycle.

150+ cycles of VT-X7


After 7 days of therapy, the VT-X7 spacer is removed and replaced with a permanent joint prosthesis, and the patient proceeds to post-surgical physical therapy.

days of therapy

Successful Phase 2 Results

Osteal Therapeutics conducted a Phase 2 prospective, single-arm, clinical trial for the treatment of patients with infected hip and knee prostheses at 4 U.S. centers. In the trial all subjects received new revision joint prostheses after 7 days of therapy and a clinically and statistically significant percentage of subjects were infection free at 12 weeks and 1 year.

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