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About Us

Osteal Therapeutics® is a privately-held, clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing novel musculoskeletal therapeutics to treat orthopedic infections and their consequences.

The lead product under development, VT-X7, is a drug-device combination product that has the potential to be the first FDA approved antibiotic therapy for local delivery to treat infected joint prosthesis. If approved, VT-X7 has the potential to improve outcomes and lower the cost of care for orthopedic surgeons and their patients by providing a faster, more reliable treatment option. VT-X7 has undergone extensive pre-clinical development and successfully completed a Phase 2 clinical trial in late 2020.

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Osteal Therapeutics employs a low risk development strategy by improving delivery of pharmaceuticals with long histories of safety and efficacy.

The company is lead by a highly experienced team of orthopedic industry veterans supported by world-class clinical partners.

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