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Martin Sands

Martin (Marty) Sands possesses four decades of investment expertise, beginning in multiple investment firms and later co-founding his own company alongside his brother, Steven. Their business expanded through acquisitions and international growth, eventually leading to its sale, after which they redirected their efforts towards direct investments. Marty currently holds leadership roles at Sands Brothers Asset Management, North Hills Medical Research, OptMed, Inc., and serves as Co-Manager of Genesis Merchant Partners and more than ten Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). Leveraging his extensive network and a wealth of deal experience, he has been a pivotal figure in the capital markets, having worked on both the sell side as an investment banker and agent, as well as the buy side as a principal, manager, and investor.

Based in the New York City area, Marty's career has been marked by involvement in diverse deals, ranging from seed stage to pre-IPO, public market offerings, and corporate restructurings. He has demonstrated a keen focus on identifying and collaborating with dynamic, groundbreaking opportunities, particularly in the fields of biotechnology, life sciences, and healthcare. His accomplishments include serving as an investment banker for companies like Closure Medical and Lev Pharmaceutical, leading investments into Conversa Health and Babson Diagnostics, and more recently, heading the series C round for Osteal Therapeutics and joining their board.

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