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the treatment
of orthopedic infection

Revolutionizing the
treatment of
orthopedic infection

Preserving limbs. Preserving lives.

Osteal Therapeutics® is a musculoskeletal therapeutics company developing medications for the treatment of orthopedic infections and their consequences. We are dedicated to relentless innovation because we believe that better tools will enable orthopedic surgeons to rapidly and reliably resolve infection so their patients can get back to living.
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Our Mission

Outcomes for musculoskeletal infection patients today are poor and unpredictable.


Osteal Therapeutics is committed to developing targeted infection therapies that significantly reduce the mortality, morbidity and cost of care associated with musculoskeletal infections. Our clinical programs reflect a deep understanding of the patient journey and the needs of our orthopedic surgeon customers. Our vision is to lift the burden of musculoskeletal infection, from patients’ lives, surgeons’ minds, the healthcare system and the world.

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